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DISH Has the Ultimate in TV Entertainment

DISH gives you real value in home entertainment, including all the channels and movies you love. And with the new Hopper 3, you’ll never watch TV the same way again.

Order DISH today and get:

  • Free Premium Channels for 3 months (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.)
  • Upgrade to the amazing new Hopper 3 Smart DVR for $10/mo.
  • DISH Package offers starting at $39.99 per month for 24 months.
  • Flex Pack. Create your own TV package. With 24-mo. agreement.
  • Free standard professional installation, with no equipment to buy.
  • HBO $10 for 12 months (Flex Pack ONLY)

and much more!
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DISH TV Packages

DISH satellite TV delivers a ton of value. Prices guaranteed for 2 years.

Flex Pack
for 24 months. Create your own TV Package
50+ Channels
America’s Top 120+
for 24 months. Everyday Price $74.99/mo
190+ Channels
America’s Top 200
for 24 months. Everyday Price $84.99/mo
240+ Channels
America’s Top 250
for 24 months. Everyday Price $94.99/mo
290+ Channels

plus  12-months with an America’s Top package

*HBO included for 12 months with all America’s Top Packages. After 12 mos., then-current everyday price applies unless you call or go online to downgrade.

Get all the channels you want for a price that’s right. Call today to order DISH 877-958-5867

FREE Premiums for 3 months

Featured Premium Dish Channels in Retailer City, WI

FREE Professional Installation

Satellite Dish Installation in Retailer City, WI

All offers require credit qualification, 24-month commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay.

DISH Offers Exclusive Features

DISH gives you more bang for your buck, with all the content you want: 10,000 programs and movies, 4k ultra-HD TV, or the action-packed NFL REDZONE that sports fans crave.

And our local support team can handle any questions you have about DISH products and services. Call us to speak with a satellite TV specialist and we’ll help you choose the best package for you and your family.

DISH Technology: Meet the New Hopper 3

Say goodbye to tuner conflicts. Watch & record 16 programs at once.
Hopper 3 DISH in Retailer City, WI

A truly game-changing DVR, The Hopper 3 is future-proofed with 4K ultra HD resolution and 25 industry-leading, new features. We’ve drawn on the phenomenal power of 16 tuners and a turbocharged quad-core processor that’s 7X faster than the competition to deliver a conflict-free experience like no other.

Watch and Record 16 Programs at Once

That means everything from local channels, movies, kids shows and more – all at the same time and from any room in the house. Imagine having the power to watch 7 movies, 4 sitcoms, 3 cartoons and 2 talk shows, at the same time. You’ll never have a TV conflict again.

Apps to Make Your TV Smarter

Check out the hottest trending music and shows with the Hopper’s built-in YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, VEVO and other popular apps. The Hopper 3 has integrated all your favorite apps into one convenient place… your TV!

Next-Generation Navigation

We’ve redesigned the new Hopper 3 user interface from the ground up, with a clean, modern look, streamlined navigation, and intelligent recommendations. Channel surf at lightning speed and look up titles across your channel lineup, recorded programs, Netflix and On Demand shows with just one search.

Find Your Remote Easier

Never lose your remote again! Press a button and the Hopper 3 will make it beep, so you can hear where it’s hiding.  The new Hopper remote is sleeker, and smarter, making TV easier to navigate, requiring fewer clicks and buttons.

Your Local Retailer: WeConnect

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Quick and Reliable Service

As a small retailer selling DISH satellite systems; with five independent contractors installing DISH systems throughout Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond. It didn’t take long for WeConnect to expand throughout the state of Wisconsin becoming the largest satellite TV retailer in the state. In 1999 WeConnect partnered with DISH Corporate as a Regional Service Provider (RSP). As a DISH RSP, WeConnect provides installation and service to all DISH customers throughout most of Wisconsin and Michigan. WeConnect quickly grew and added local locations to provide quality and timely service for all of DISH customers. Today WeConnect continues to enjoy retail and partnered services relationship with DISH, and dispatches more than 300 vehicles daily servicing hundreds of homes providing outstanding customer service to enhance customer’s television experience.

As a DISH Authorized Retailer, WeConnect is dedicated to helping customers get the highest quality programming and technology at the lowest price, every day. In addition to being an Authorized Retailer, WeConnect is the DISH Regional Service provider for Wisconsin and Michigan, so you can be assured of the most reliable local service. Whether you need TV or High Speed Internet you’ve come to the right place. Call us today! 877-958-5867.

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